About the Journal

We believe we are a journal for the economically curious, professionally inspired, and acutely motivated. We are also for the entrepreneur and the casual reader seeking to enrich understanding of current events, best practices and regulatory policies.

Through the encouragement of civic and community leaders who recognized a shortage of resources for a wide demographic of business and public businesses the Southern Oregon Business Journal was established in 2015.

The 15 counties of Southern Oregon have long struggled to effectively tell their story. Over the last decade many conversations have occurred in meetings of every kind about how we can market ourselves better. We work to help fill that need.

Business and industry in this part of Oregon ranges from historic agriculture and timber products industries to 21st Century manufacturing and high technology. We border the Pacific Rim and have an interstate highway through our mid-section tying us to the dynamic areas of San Francisco and Los Angeles to the south, and the heartbeat of the Northwest in Portland and Seattle. Our strategic location is an asset we utilize to our grand advantage. Over forty experts in business and industry are monthly contributing writers for The Southern Oregon Business Journal assisting readers interested in business development in all of seventeen industry sectors.

We occupy an area larger than seven American States and have a population of 1,500,000. Our potential is off the charts when we bind ourselves to a common thread that will help us excel in business and economic development that will also provide education, jobs and quality services to the population of the area.

It is our honor to tell the story of Southern Oregon.

The messages will address important issues that impact each of us. There will be reports on education, health and medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, timber products, fishing, energy, wines and wineries, the macro and micro economy, foreign trade, retail and government.

Welcome to the readership of Southern Oregon’s Business Journal.

Meet the Publishers

Greg Henderson

A native Oregonian, Greg Henderson is a graduate of the University of Oregon. He and his wife Dede were married in 1969 while he was a student and before his six year service in the U.S. Air Force. He has been published in professional publications and newsprint for over 30 years and is often asked to express his opinions on a variety of leadership and business issues. Greg is an accomplished speaker with numerous awards to his credit, resulting from his 22 years as a member of Toastmasters International.

Greg has served on boards and committees too numerous to mention. As an executive leader he has presided over school boards, legislative committees, and professional and business organizations including the 10th District of the International Credit Association which encompassed five Northwest States and four Canadian Provinces. His participation in economic development activities spans nearly three decades.

Greg has been the publisher of the Southern Oregon Business Journal since founding it in 2015.

Jim Teece

Jim Teece is the President & CEO of Project A, a global ecommerce digital agency and software developer, founded with his wife in 1990. Current clients include City of AshlandAshland Chamber of CommerceCity of MedfordMcMenamins and Dr. Martens and over 600 more.

Jim is also President and CEO of Ashland Home Net, Ashland’s largest Internet Service Provider (ISP), Cable TV and Phone company with thousands of happy customers. Additional services include computer repair and high speed wireless internet for thousands of rural residents in Oregon via Rogue Broadband and Umpqua Broadband

Jim is a parter in Art Authority LLC, A company that prints and frames museum quality reproductions from museums around the world via the website 1000Museums.com.

Jim became co-publisher of the Southern Oregon Business Journal on July 1, 2019.

Jim is an innovator, public speaker and educator.

He has a best selling app in the app store ,“Art Authority” and has created community services such as TodayInAshland.com, aLocalHero.net and FreBa.com. 

Jim is very active in the community.

He currently serves on the Jackson County Fair & Expo Board (Past President), Southern Oregon University Foundation Board, Peoples Bank Board and the Northwest Telecommunications Association Board(Past President).

Past boards include Ashland Chamber of Commerce(Past President), Ashland Independent Film Festival (Past President), Asante Foundation, JPR, Software Association of Oregon – Medford Chapter(Past President).

Jim and his wife Dena run all the businesses together and have two young adult children living in Harrisburg and Bend, Oregon. Jim & Dena live on a small ranch in Ashland with lots of animals and high speed internet. 

You can find out more about Jim at JimTeece.com